Monday, December 12, 2016

Equal Law for All! Fullstop for Injustice!

The inspecting officers faced troubles when starting O/L last days due to act according to law against the female Muslim students. At last Burka was allowed.

The Burka is prohibited in Muslim majority Malaysia & many other countries when identification is important.

Such incident happened during former Election Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya & he prohibited Burka at polling stations.

Exam is much more important thing which the identification is much more essential & vital. 

Once this is dressed no one can identify who & who is in the dress. Former captain robbed a bank covering by Burka. The famous drug dealer 'Mamasmi' did his businesses in Maligawaththa with the blessings of Burka.

Its is nothing to replace a weak female student by a clever one covering by Burka. This is an very unfair decision in our history which allow Muslims to get through exams very easily.

One Muslim principle in North Western Province allowed Muslim students all over the country to face A/L through his school to obtain the low cutoff mark chance given for rural areas to enter universities & caught. [ ]

But writing fake one covering by Burka is never get caught. Once come out from the exam hall, this never reveals even by a post inquiry.

So this should be stopped at once. Should fight together who works against injustice, neglecting national, religious and all deviations.

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මුසලු ගෝනි ඇඳුම් ඇඳ කාන්තා වෙස්ගෙන බැංකුව කැඩූ කපිතාන්ට දඬුවම්
බුර්කාවකින් සැරසුණු පිරිමියෙක් කටුනායකදී අත්අඩංගුවට
හොර බඩු බුර්කාවේ සඟවා පනින්න යද්දී කටුනායකදී මාට්ටු

බුර්කා තහනම් කළ යුත්තේ ඇයි?
ගෝනි ඇඳුමින් ඡන්දය බෑ… ආවොත් ඡන්ද පොලේදී ගලවනවා

Few Occations which International Community Against for Burka

යුරෝපා අධිකරණය "බුර්කා" තහනම අනුමත කරයි
චීන රජය බුර්කාව ඇඳීම තහනම් කරයි
රුසියාවත් හිජාබය පැළඳීමේ අයිතියට එරෙහි වේ


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